Conversion: how much money to pay

As some businessmen might say, “show strangers the money if you want cooperation!” This is how Advertisers gain valuable help from Publishers to promote their offers: by showing the offer’s Payout! But wait! Don’t you think about how they know how much money to pay for that help? Or even how they actually make money? It’s well known that most advertisers prefer to pay on a CPA basis when they wanna acquire users for subscription offers or on a CPI

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Mobile Advertising: What Is eCPM?

Or, “Nobody Told Me There Would Be a Math Quiz!” eCPM-BlogLike so many acronyms flying around the business world today, eCPM means different things to different people. It is frequently confused with similar terms in the publishing, media-buying and advertising network worlds. Here are a few acronyms in the same family of ideas: CPC = Cost per click Under a CPC model, the advertiser pays for each valid click-through, usually associated with a specific call to action, or CTA. CPA

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Few Simple Tips to Help you Benefit the Most from Mobile App Marketing

Coming up with a bright idea for the mobile application does not guarantee general success and high revenues. All developers face tons of other equal products on the market along with a necessity to stand out from hundreds of other products. This is when you will need an efficient app marketing strategy to make your product as recognizable as possible enabling numerous downloads and installs. The mobile application market is growing rapidly featuring a boom in the industry in general

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Technical insights of CUEMobile tracking


Compared to other companies CUEMobile never used an out of the box solution like Voluum or other third party tools. Every single row of code is done by our technical department with focus on flexibility and scalability. Due to that we are able to react easily and quickly on the needs of advertisers and publishers but also changes on the marketing landscape. The heart of CUEMobile is our optimizing algorithm which is putting the performance marketing space to the next

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