Media buyers would like a code of ethics for added transparency

New research has unveiled that a majority of marketers would prefer a code of ethics for the advertising technology industry. A whopping 89% of respondents told media buying platform Iotec that a code of ethics would be useful to address issues surrounding media buying transparency.

In addition, the research noted that 56% of marketers consider their current technology providers to be honest and transparent However, 81% are happy to switch to even more ethical providers that provide honest advertising supplies.

Furthermore, nearly 61% consider transparency of data usage in advertising to be an issue. 42% feel the same way about pricing and 38% were worried about optimization tactics.

Following the findings, Iotec has launched an Ethical Adtech Manifesto. The strategy discusses three main areas of the ad industry to help encourage the industry to take action. The core topics include transparency and fair trading, efficiency and effectiveness, and brand protection, security and privacy.

Anyone can sign up to join the conversation.

“Technology has advanced faster than we have been able to build a framework to harness it for the benefit of all: publishers, consumers and advertisers,” explained Paul Wright, CEO of Iotec. “The survey results reflect the desire for change across the industry and I hope that the Ethical Adtech Manifesto inspires some action. Iotec are proud to be leading the charge, as a media buying platform that believes in end-to-end openness and transparency.”

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